Creative Media Installation | Portland, OR + New Orleans, LA

Our Approach and Services

Site-specific Display Design

We design custom projection displays that weave themselves into event spaces. They are scaled appropriately and otherwise take their cues from existing visual aspects within the venue, and each event’s unique floor plan.

Content Development

Branding, messaging, thematic “eye-candy”, as well as video and photos captured at the event are displayed. We produce original video and graphics, and utilize client-supplied content when available.


As if painting with light, video mapping allows us to precisely conform video and graphic content to the geometry of any projection surface. These surfaces can be existing architectural elements and/or custom fabricated screens.

Video Equipment & Installation

We use the right projectors, projection surfaces and media servers for each unique installation, within budget parameters.

Programming & Show Operation

We program content and cues in the event space, and provide seamless and professional video control operation during your show.

Video Mixing

Live Video Mixing is artfully integrated with lighting effects to support live music and other performance, setting and changing the atmosphere and mood of an event over time.

Specialty Projection Surfaces

New technology allows us to utilize video projection in high-ambient light and even daylight. Suitable for retail applications, and outdoor events.

Network Controlled Content

In permanent or long-term installations, we network media server(s) so that content can be managed and controlled over an internet network.