Creative Media Installation | Portland, OR + New Orleans, LA


Spitball Media is a video production company specializing in creative media displays for live events and permanent installation, with an emphasis on artful design, and the thoughtful integration of relevant content. We utilize “video projection mapping” techniques to produce immersive, site-specific media experiences. Our recent clients include Nike, AT&T, Cole Haan, Samsung, Aflac, and Chase.


Andrew Wade Smith

Andrew Wade Smith is a video producer and media artist/ musician.
He has been working with audio, film and video as vital components within art- environments for over 16 years.

Joel Jackson

Joel Jackson is a former event producer and fundraiser at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. A Spitball Media founder, he currently develops and produces narrative video productions and video installations.

Joe Lesher

Joe Lesher spent time in the Washington Post Advertising department until fleeing the Beltway — landed in Portland in Willamette Week Newspaper’s advertising department, moved into marketing and, finally, Festival Executive Director. Teamed up in 2006 to launch Spitball Media.